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We are Forward Solutions, your federal and commercial contracting partner for thoughtful, measured leadership. By infusing high-level research and development, cradle to grave contract management, premier operations, and top-level human capital- we help organizations analyze their challenges to make wise decisions that enable them to meet their goals.


We share a conviction for improving the quality of life for all people. We fundamentally believe that our most pressing social and public health challenges can be addressed through thoughtful and measured leadership.  We are in a digital age and have a responsibility to leverage secured technology to meet the mission of our clients, offer various flexible contract vehicles and types to meet diverse needs, and total quality management throughout the life-cycle of the contract.  Together, we will create solutions that lead us all forward.



We offer a range of contracting services utilizing an expert team of analysts, contract managers, and subject matter experts. You can rest easy knowing that our team can manage your project and meet deadlines before time.


Our Thoughtful and Measured Leaders

Kevin Dedner, MPH

Founder & Senior Consultant

Combining his passion for community development and public policy, Kevin founded Forward Solutions by coupling his policy and leadership experience with the goals of clients to develop astute and measured plans. He teaches each client that measurable outcomes establish trust and document a track record for success.

Kevin has a unique background that combines grassroots organizing, public health policy development, administration, and strategic thinking. Prior to establishing Forward Solutions, Dedner served as the Team Lead for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity, as the State AIDS Director for the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), the Director of State Government Relations and Public Policy for the Mid-South Division of the American Cancer Society.

While at ADH, he led efforts to overhaul Arkansas’ HIV/AIDS programs. During his tenure at the American Cancer Society, he was responsible for managing the public policy agenda for the six-state division. Some of his successes include helping to design and pass laws in Arkansas and Louisiana that prohibit smoking in public places and one of the most comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Control laws in the country.

Since launching Forward Solutions, Kevin has provided thought leadership and leveraged his experience in providing technical guidance to a diverse client portfolio including the National League of Cities, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Save the Children. Most recently, Kevin and the Forward Solutions team guided the RWJF Health Disparities Team through a comprehensive strategic planning process to set the course for their ongoing efforts to eliminate health disparities.

Kevin holds a MPH from Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois, and continues to manage the Forward Solutions client portfolio and operations.


Our Thoughtful and Measured Leaders

Cherry Maxwell

President and  Chief Executive Officer

Cherry Maxwell is a dynamic leader with a rich background spanning over 40 years in military personnel management, operational and administrative supervision, and digital media management. As a seasoned executive, Cherry has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead complex projects, drive strategic initiatives, lead in joint-team environments across military branches and civilian environments and inspire teams to achieve exceptional results. Previously serving as the Chief Operations Officer at Forward Solutions, Cherry is now transitioning into the role of CEO, bringing her extensive experience and visionary leadership to guide the company into its next chapter. With over three decades in military personnel management, Cherry has held pivotal roles, including Superintendent of the Physical Disability Board of Review and key positions in the Defense Integrated Human Resource System (DIMHRS) project. Her expertise in human resources, personnel oversight, organization and operational management has earned her a reputation as a trusted authority. Cherry's extensive experience highlights her ability to oversee large-scale military personnel programs within Customer Service, Career Enhancement, Change Management, Communications, Trade shows , Events, Personnel Employment, Military Personnel Training Programs, and implementing organization-wide strategic transformations.

In addition to her military career, Cherry has dedicated 20 years to church administration. As the DC, MD, and VA regional trainer for specialized church management software, she provides training on technology to enhance church administration, manage communications and finances, and offer custom dashboards and reporting to streamline operational processes for increased efficiency. Cherry's work in digital ministry has significantly improved churches' online presence, utilizing multimedia production and strategic marketing and communications to create engaging worship experiences , interactive events, and expand the church's mission.


Cherry holds a Master of Arts in Emerging Media, a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, and an Associate degree in Personnel Management. She is a lifelong learner, committed to professional development and continuous improvement.

Mikaela Maxwell

Director of Business Development

Mikaela Maxwell brings over a decade of expertise in business development, brand strategy, marketing, and strategic planning to her role as a Director at Forward Solutions. With a proven track record of driving growth and innovation for renowned consumer goods and retail brands, Mikaela seamlessly transitions her skills to the government sector.

With a strong background in consumer goods and working on corporate projects for retail brands such as Target, Walmart, Urban Outfitters, and Sephora, Mikaela excels at forging strategic partnerships, identifying growth opportunities and developing roadmaps that align with organizational goals. Mikaela's career is marked by her ability to craft compelling brand narratives, and execute impactful global marketing campaigns and activations for a digitally-native generation. Her strategic vision and data-driven approach resonate with diverse audiences, ensuring business growth and brand recognition.

In addition to her corporate achievements, Mikaela has provided management consulting for both established and emerging brands within the government and commercial sectors. As a Senior Brand Leader and Business Development Executive, she offers strategic advice to drive business growth, implement marketing best practices, and effectively manage cross-functional teams and resources. Mikaela's proficiency in contract management, coupled with her strong negotiation and financial acumen, allows her to navigate complex government regulations and ensure compliance. Her deep understanding of consumer and organizational behavior, enriched by her background in psychology and behavioral research, enables her to develop insightful and impactful marketing and business plans. This expertise also informs her relationship-building and client engagement strategies, ensuring Forward Solutions consistently meets and exceeds the unique needs of its partners. Additionally, Mikaela's attention to detail, risk management skills, and commitment to ethical judgment enhance her ability to deliver high-quality, results-oriented solutions in both government and commercial environments.

Mikaela is also a gifted writer and researcher who excels in shaping capture strategies and enhancing competitive advantage for government clients. She conducts careful analysis and interviews with leaders, stakeholders, and senior-level decision-makers to craft tailored solutions. Her portfolio includes numerous technical documents, marketing manuals, research-based frameworks, data sheets, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Mikaela's writing extends to government proposals and corporate communications, such as business and marketing plans, strategic roadmaps, investor pitch decks, web copy, bios, printed and digital marketing assets.

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