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Contracting Vehicles

Forward Solutions is a certified SBA 8(a) program participant through 2025. As authorized by FAR 19.8, Federal agencies may issue sole source contracts to 8(a) firms up to $4 million.

Available for:
All Federal agencies
Period of Performance:
February 1, 2016 –February 1, 2026

Scope of Work:
We are eligible for any scope of work under the 8(a) program.

Ordering Process:

How to Make an 8(a) Sole Source Contract in 3 Easy Steps:
1. The Government Program Manager (PM) prepares a procurement request and submits it to the agency Contracting Officer (CO). This includes a Performance Work Statement (PWS), cost estimate, and funding.

2. The agency CO sends and “Offer Letter” and PWS to The SBA processes the Offer Letter and returns it to the agency CO within 5 business days.

3. The agency CO issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) to Forward Solutions. We submit the proposal, the contract is awarded, and work begins.

This entire process can be completed in 5 -10 business days or less.

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